12 de febrero de 2007

DVD Player en el Visor del Carro

Stuck in gridlock again? May as well catch up on Lost while you wait for that tour bus in front of you to start moving, and the Sun Visor Theater can help you out with that. What looks like a regular sun visor flips down to reveal a 7-inch widescreen LCD with built-in DVD player. A TV tuner is built in so you can enjoy the morning news on the way to work (at least until 2009, when analog broadcasting is due to cease in the U.S.), and it'll beam the sound to your car stereo via an FM transmitter.You could question the wisdom of building a display into a car's visor — in full view of the driver — but that's the same kind of nervous-nellie thinking that would have prevented the jumping stilts from ever getting made. Still, you should probably leave the watching to your passengers, assuming the Sun Visor Theater is even legal in your state. And if you're passing through anywhere else, you can always use the built-in camouflage: just flip it up.

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