21 de febrero de 2007

Kukan Dub Lagan - Step Ina Rasta Step (2007)

Estoy tras su rastro... Acaba de salir al mercado y aun no lo consigo... Si ya lo tienes favor escribeme dejandome saber como obternerlo...
Mikelabella Records acaba de presentar el segundo álbum de Kukan Dub Lagan titulado Step Ina Rasta Step.
El álbum debut de este grupo, Life is Nice, se publicó con Candyflip Records y fue todo un éxito entre los aficionados al chill dub.
Este nuevo álbum contiene doce temas de dub con títulos como Feel Life, Electronic Shocking Dub, Roots of Passion o Step ina rasta Step que da el título al álbum.

Informacion adicional en:

Ecosound - Africa Chill: African Sounds And Atmospheres

[01]. Across The Distances
[02]. Martine
[03]. Delta Dub
[04]. Black Sugar
[05]. Zone
[06]. Party
[07]. Ground The Dark
[08]. Africa Parade
[09]. Rumble Fest
[10]. Mogadisci

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Hi-Fidelity Lounge, Volume 2: Licensed to Chill

Descripción del Album:
Compilation producers include: Eric Hilton, Rob Garza, Damian Stanley.

Lista de Canciones:
1.You, My Baby & I - Alex Gopher
2.Incident At Gate 7 - Thievery Corporation
3.Funky For You - Deadbeats
4.Adore - I:Cube
5.El Capitalismo Foraneo - GoTan Project
6.Too Old To Die - Troublemakers
7.Roll Call - Pablo
8.Brasilikum - Butti 49
9.Remember Me - Elak
10.Destinations - Schmoov
11.Planetary Deadlock - Beanfield
12.Cool (Barbare) - Samia Farah

Información del Album
UPC: 00634651057627
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Nov 14, 2000
Tipo: Collection
Género: Electronic - Chill Out
Disquera: Guidance Records
Pais de Origen: USA
Año del Lanzamiento Original: 2000
# de Discos: 1
Estudio / En Vivo: Studio
Mono / Estéreo: Stereo

Reseña del Album (en ingles):
Guidance Recordings returns with the second volume in this acclaimed series exploring the diverse spectrum of sounds emerging from the backroom bars, restaurants and lounges of our planet's urban centers. The sublime selections on Hi Fidelity Lounge Volume 2 are a reflection of the eclectic and open minded musical program that has transformed these venues into a vital and welcome alternative to the corporate club experience. Downbeat masters Thievery Corporation, Alex Gopher, I:cube, Beanfield and more serve up a tantalizing blend of trip hop, jazz, funk, soul, swing, dub, afro, latin and bossa beats custom made for chillin' at your local cocktail lounge or groovin on the dance floor. Licensed to Chill! High profile Parisian funkster Alex Gopher sets the mood with "You, My, Baby & I" the standout cut from his much hyped V2 album. A sublime live jazz funk workout complete with haunting stings, killer bass, electric guitar and an eerie, ethereal vocal hook. Deep, dark and delicious! DC's undisputed champions of the new lounge sound, Thievery Corporation work their magic on "Incident at Gate 7" a gorgeous mid tempo groover. Crisp signature percussion, a hypnotic base line, swaying drums and breathtaking female vocals are the order of the day on this highly under rated single that appeared on their ESL imprint. With a little help from the man like Barry White, Leeds based outfit the Deadbeats serve up some head nodding grooves of the highest order on "Funky For You" a killer selection from their debut album "Lounging" on 20:20 Vision, Pulsating, hypnotic, soul searching grooves guaranteed to have you bouncing on your bar stool while the undeniably catchy vocal hook becomes permanently ingrained in your brain. Acclaimed French producer I:cube keeps the ambient vibes flowing on "Adore" a sublime soundtrack licensed from the always excellent Versatile label. Breezy, cinematic string set the tone for this heavy sci fi bossa beat odyssey that sounds like it was custom made for the soundtrack to a never released Stanley Kubrik movie. The Gotan Project keep things moving on the neo French funk tip with "El Capitalismo Foraneo " an exquisite composition that blows in as smooth as a tropical breeze. Blissful dubbed out trip hop grooves collide with colorful Mediterranean drenched bandoneon solos compliments of master musician Astor Piazolla. Another slice of modern tropical paradise compliments of the exciting Ya Basta label. Promising new Marseille based trio the Troublemakers build the vibe nicely with "Too Old To Die" an ultra groovy retro funk excursion. Swinging drums, warm bubbly fender Rhodes vibes, an infectious bass line and moody orchestral strings that make you feel like you are in a dark dingy bar in Harlem listening to an oldie but a goodie on the jukebox.Glasgow soul brother Michael Hunter, aka Pablo heats it up with Roll Call" a soaring, soul soaked retro funk monster. Rumbling bass vibrations, skin tight drum loops, piercing horns, relentless afro percussion vibes and feel good vocal chants guaranteed to make you get down like your name was James Brown. Funktified! Butti 49, an exciting new band from Stavanger, Norway keep up the tropical dancefloor pressure on "Brasilikum" a brillant composition from their debut Guidance single. Warped live stand up bass, mesmerizing percussion, blinding organ vibes, soaring flutes, melodic guitars and heavenly vocal harmonies combine to create this new bossa masterpiece that is at once dark, menacing, uplifting and infectious. Guaranteed to go down a storm with broken beat champions like Rainer Truby, Gilles Peterson, Phil Asher , Jazzanova etc.Stavanger, Norway strikes again as Butti 49 band member Edvaard reappears with sensational vocalist Galin Maria Ramstad as Elak to deliver the acoustic soul masterpiece "Remember Me: An undeniable funky drum break, rumbling bass and catchy guitars provide the proper setting for Galin's breathy, infectious pop friendly vocals. Lovely!. DIY recording artists Schmoov take it down a notch with their beautiful live ambient jazz funk mix of "Destinations". Warm synths, dramatic strings, crisp drums, funky wah wah guitars and a feel good slap style bass line set the tone on this blissed out ambient monster that just builds and builds. A refreshingly sublime and beautiful soundtrack custom made for chilling on a tropical island and watching the sunset with that someone special. Visionary Compost recording artists Beanfield drop some serious nu dub science upon us with "Planetary Deadlock" a groovy space aged steppers anthem. Hypnotic dubbed out bass vibrations served up in sleazy, far out electro vocoder funk stylee. Parisian chanteuse and multi instrumentalist Samai Farah winds it down ina fine style with "Cool" an exquisitely chic lovers rock riddim ride. Cool and deadly roots reggae vibrations laid down by the man like Adrian Sherwood set the tone for Samia's drop dead gorgeous Mediterranean vocal stylings . Oooh La La ! Imagine King Tubby in the studio Erica Badu and you get the idea.


VA - Light Aromas

El recopilatorio Light Aromas nos propone, desde una perspectiva de sonidos emparentados con el ambient, una exigente selección de temas pertenecientes a contrastadas figuras de la escena dub, chillout, downtempo, electrónica, trance u otros estilos cercanos a la música minimalista.
Reúne este álbum a formaciones tan emblemáticas como: el grupo Aural Float ('Life in dub'), unidos desde 2001 con Gabriel, Pascal Feos y Alex Azary, creadores junto a otros trabajos de la anda sonora de la serie de culto alemana Space Night; a grupos de notable influencia en la música electrónica, como es el caso de Vibrasphere ('Fuzy vibes') y a nombres que se han hecho un hueco en esta modalidad musical gracias a sus producciones en directo o a la calidad de sus trabajos en disco grande, hablamos de Saafi Brothers (Supernatural) con cuatro álbumes en el mercado o Kuba (Summer Breezin') proyecto tras el cual se encuentra el incansable Lurence Harvey. También aparecen canciones de Ted Madison ('Echtzeit') y Enterprice que abre Light Aromas con 'Vega Networks' Beatstream Rmx.
(Tomado de:
1. Enterprise - Vega Networks (Beatstream Remix)
2. Kuba - Summer Breezin
3. Enterprise - Lovely Atoms
4. Jong - Sparkling Circles
5. Ten Madison - After The Cut
6. Kuba - Chiquitta
7. Aural Float - Life in Dub
8. Ten Madison - Echtzeit
9. Vibrasphere - Fuzzy Vibes
10. Saafi Brothers - Supernatural-Reprise

20 de febrero de 2007

No Noise: Chakra Lounge - 2004

El chacra es un punto de energía en el que se conjugan cuerpo y mente.
CHAKRA LOUNGE es el primer proyecto italiano original de música lounge , creada gracias a la colaboración entre Maximus, un artista internacionalmente conocido por sus producciones new age con una experiencia de mas de diez años, Peter y Paul Micioni, productores, DJ´s y compositores de música pop y dance.
"No Noise", es una compilación que muestra la variedad de elementos que exploran los diferentes mundos musicales aquí reunidos. Este es el primer volumen del 2004 y se esperan mas producciones...
1. Barrieri - You'll Be Mine
2. Barrieri - Sonohando Ipanema (feat. Themis)
3. Ensamble Ethnique - Bossa Loungue
4. Ensamble Ethnique - Ipnorient
5. Ensamble Ethnique - Nosotros
6. Ensamble Ethnique - Dansur
7. Le Confort Electronique - L'essentiel
8. Le Confort Electronique - Oblivion
9. No Noise - Expand Your Mind
10. Urban Chil - Blow Or Snow
11. Victor - Different Colours
12. Victor - Escape From Reality
13. Victor - It's New
14. Victor - Pyretic Idealism
Download from Rapidshare!
Part 1 - Part 2

16 de febrero de 2007

Putumayo Presents: Brazilian Lounge

It is impossible to deny the influence that Brazil has on today's global culture. From music and film to fashion and dance, Brazil has become one of the world's most important resources of popular art and entertainment. In appreciation of this extraordinary culture, Putumayo World Music will release Brazilian Lounge, a collection featuring the sultry voices and urban grooves of many of Brazil's finest contemporary musicians.Seductive Brazilian melodies and subtle electronica mix on this collection of contemporary chill-out rhythms.

[01]. Brigas Nunca Mais - Paula Morelenbaum
[02]. Meu Esquema - Mundo Livre
[03]. Ha Dias - Luca Mundaca
[04]. Previsao - Bossacucanova
[05]. Agua De Coco - Marcos Valle
[06]. Mariana - Bia
[07]. Parece Mentira - Katia B
[08]. E Depois... - Bid
[09]. August Day Song (Remixed By King Britt) - Bebel Gilberto
[10]. Como Vou Fazer (Remix) - Dois Irmaos
[11]. Os Grilos - Marcela
[12]. Saudade Fez Um Samba - Marissa

Download HERE

Putumayo Worl Music

Unas de las grandes satisfacciones de poder navegar en la internet es poder encontrarnos con informacion de las distintas casas productoras y sellos discográficos que realizan la música que nos gusta. Es en esta busqueda que doy con el sello Putumayo...
Sus discos de pura música étnica siempre nos han encantado y nos enseñan que las posibilidades musicales son infinitas, limitarse es pederse de esta riqueza cultural que nos ofrece el mundo... Por esto me encanta el chill out, pues bajo este subgénero musical, es que puedo alcanzar diferentes ritmos y expresiones musico-culturales ..
Aquí lo que encontré sobre Putumayo en su sitio web:

Putumayo era el nombre de un rio de un valle de Colombia.

Originalmente, Dan Storper funda en New York em 1975 una pequeña tienda dedicada a dsitribuir ropa (ensencialmente etnica y propia de las culturas latinoamericanas), la cual es vendida en 1997.

En este acercamiento cultural, Storper se interesa por la diversidad musical de estos paises y junto a su mejor amigo Michael Krauss fundan en 1993 lo que es la compañía de discos que hoy conocemos: Putumayo Worl Music.

El sello Putumayo, en sus ya 14 años de vida, ha sabido lograr compilaciones de disco melódicos y novedosos de todo el mundo reforzando con esto el lema de la empresa: “guaranteed to make you feel good!” (garantizado para hacerte sentir bien!).

Las Carátulas de sus discos traen ilustraciones y dibujo hechos por la artista Nicola Heindl, cuyo estilo característico, colorido, folklorico, representa una de las metas de Putumayo: conectar el tradicional con el contemporáneo. Combinando música y representaciones visuales atractivas con la comercialización al por menor creativa, Putumayo ha desarrollado una identidad única de la marca de fábrica - una rareza en industria artísticata basada en la música.

Putumayo se considera un pionero y un líder en desarrollar el mercado no tradicional. Una porción grande de sus audiencias de blanco consiste en “Creatives cultural,” un término sociológico y de la forma de vida para 50 millones de norteamericanos y millones más alrededor del mundo. Para alcanzar a estos consumidores, Putumayo ha construido una red propietaria de más de 3.000 libros, regalos, ropa, cafés, bares y otros negocios minoristas que tocan y venden sus CDs, sin perder su fuerte presencia en las tiendas de discos.
Mas informacion en la página web oficial...

14 de febrero de 2007

Pussy Lounge Vol.1 (Finest Selected House And Electro Tunes)


01 delano & crockett - Walking on the moon hi tack radio edit 02:44
02 fedde le grand - put your hands up for detroit radio edit 02:26
03 dj energy - captain future vocal radio edit 03:22
04 joey negro - make a move on me 05:26
05 switch - a bit patchy original mix 04:00
06 rocket men - candy 04:04
07 margot - torch 05:44
08 flat pack - sweet child o mine myle mix 03:35
09 mr joy - keep on movin mondo club mix 05:09
10 bodyrox - yeah yeah electro radio edit 03:01
11 groovetslyerz - we are family radio version 03:05
12 2-4 grooves - the way i do 03:13
13 club robbers - take me home tonight original edit 03:23
14 mason - exceeder 02:51
15 tocadisco - music loud 05:11
16 the fabous glitterboys - gang bang girl 03:00
17 blank & jones - sound of machines 03:15
18 patric & timo - du riechst so gut 03:10
19 ericke - the beat is rocking radio edit 03:07
20 sixty 9 vs discodrive - rainbow electrolaz screen mix 02:53
21 disco punks - ich rocke egohead deluxe vs deja soul remix edit 03:45
22 wonderland avenue - white horse 03:18

Puedes comprarlo en Europa en: http://www.townsend-records.co.uk/product.php?pType=music&pId=6676805

From Load.to!

VA - Angels Fall

Product Description from Amazon.com:

2007 three CD dance collection compiled by Mark Doyle who created and ran Hed Kandi until 2005. This 36 track set features current Ambient and Chill Out dance anthems along with some current and classic Pop tunes from the likes of Snow Patrol, Zero 7 and Royksopp. Also contains songs from Nouvelle Vague, Jose Gonzalez, Bat For Lashes and Honey Root, Artwork in the style of the legendary Hed Kandi label by Jason Brooks. Fierce Angel.

1. The Memory Band - Why
2. Sol Seppy - Enter One
3. Bat For Lashes - Sad Eyes
4. Decoder Ring - Somersault
5. Bonnie Bailey - This Womans Work
6. Nerina Pallot - Sophia
7. Lou Rhodes - Treat Her Gently
8. Holly Throsby - Things Between People
9. The Funky Lowlives - Time To Let Go
10. Jose' Gonzalez - Crosses
11. Missy Higgins - Nightminds
12. Bonnie Bailey - Trust
13. Peyton - Too Much
14. Fac
15 - Stay With Me Til Dawn
1. Eva Abraham - So Fine (David Thomas Mix)
2. James Bright Feat Rachel Lloyd - Little Things
3. Robina - Human Nature
4. Camilla Boler - Love To Suffer
5. Dan Arborise - Beauty Through Her Eyes
6. Mooli - Underneath The Same Sun
7. Nouvelle Vague - Let Me Go
8. Project Moonhound - Strong
9. Kenneth Bagler - And I Kept Hearing
10. Elektralow - Water Feels Warm
11. Chris Coco & Sascha Puttnam Feat Cathy Batistessa - Starlight
12. Honeyroot - Sweet As Honey
13. William Orbit Feat. Finlay Quaye - Dice
1. Agoria Feat Nenah Cherry - Million Miles
2. Dani Siciliano - Frozen
3. Samantha Marais - Warm
4. Justine Electra - Fancy Robots
5. Kaskade - Maybe
6. The Beauty Room - Holding On
7. Coldcut Feat Robert Miles - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
8. Grandad Bob - Hide Me
9. Sugardaddy - Love On The Attack
10. X-press 2 - Enjoy The Ride Feat. Kissing The Pink
11. Snow Patrol - Chocolate (Grand National Remix)
12. Royksopp - Beautiful Day Without You
13. Sebastian Tellier - La RitournelleFrom relaxmusicjournal.
From Fileho!

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DVD Player en el Visor del Carro

Stuck in gridlock again? May as well catch up on Lost while you wait for that tour bus in front of you to start moving, and the Sun Visor Theater can help you out with that. What looks like a regular sun visor flips down to reveal a 7-inch widescreen LCD with built-in DVD player. A TV tuner is built in so you can enjoy the morning news on the way to work (at least until 2009, when analog broadcasting is due to cease in the U.S.), and it'll beam the sound to your car stereo via an FM transmitter.You could question the wisdom of building a display into a car's visor — in full view of the driver — but that's the same kind of nervous-nellie thinking that would have prevented the jumping stilts from ever getting made. Still, you should probably leave the watching to your passengers, assuming the Sun Visor Theater is even legal in your state. And if you're passing through anywhere else, you can always use the built-in camouflage: just flip it up.

Native Instruments Pro-53 v3.00.013 OxYGeN

The PRO-53 carries on the tradition from the legendary days of vintage cult synthesizers. This virtual instrument, fashioned after the Sequential Circuits™ Prophet™-5, provides the sonic properties of the unique originals while meeting the practical requirements of the present day.
Inspired by the immortal sound of the synthesizer giants of the eighties, Native Instruments created the PRO-53 to cast in software those qualities that have been such a major influence on popular music in the past twenty years: brilliance, power, warmth and beauty. Through Native Instruments' creative development philosophy, these timeless aesthetics have now reached the next step in their evolution. The result is the manifest re-definition of an original that was regarded as unrivalled until now.
PRO-53 – The New Version
With the PRO-53, the third generation of the virtual analog classic is now available. The synthesizer emulation has been vastly improved by a new oscillator technology that offers an even warmer and more brilliant sound. In addition the sonic possibilities have been expanded even further with new features like a high-pass filter mode and an invertible filter envelope. The control surface was also reworked and now shines in a whole new light.
Download Link: Rapidshare.com

Sound On Sound Mag. - Febrero 2007

Download:Sound On Sound Feb 2007

Audient Centro Master Section
Stereo Monitor Controller
As more people leave behind their mixing desks, many find they still need a good monitor controller.

Boss Micro BR
Portable Digital Multitrack Recorder
As Boss introduce their tiniest ever portable studio, we discover just how much can be packed into such a small box...

Cwejman Synthesis Modules
DLFO Dual LFO • RM2S Stereo Ring Modulator • VCEQ3
We conclude our three-part exploration of Wowa Cwjeman's new range of exclusive analogue synth modules.

Desert Island Plug-ins
Sound On Sound's Favourite Effect & Processing Plug-Ins
Which effects and processing plug-ins do the Sound On Sound staff and product reviewers love the best? We asked, they answered...

Digidesign M Box 2 Mini
USB Interface For Mac OS X & Windows
Digidesign have shrunk the M Box to give us the most compact and affordable Pro Tools interface ever. How good is it?

Fatar Studiologic VMK176 Plus
MIDI Controller Keyboard
This controller comes from a range that, unusually, takes the concept of a quality weighted action into the realm of the shorter keyboard — and offers hands-on knobs and sliders for software control to boot.

Groove Tubes Convertible
FET Condenser Mic
If you're sceptical about manufacturers claiming their mic is suitable for both stage and studio applications, maybe this one can change your mind...

Guitar Technology
Gear Reviews, Tips and Techniques
• Kahler 2300 Series Locking Tremolos• IK Multimedia Stealthplug USB guitar interface

Korg Kaoss Pad 3
Dynamic Multi-effects Processor & Sampler
Korg's tactile effects processor benefits from a major overhaul - so is the third generation the Kaoss Pad you always wanted?

Native Instruments Massive
Software Synth [OS X & Windows]
Is Native Instrument's new stand-alone soft synth as big as they say it is?

PSP Neon
Linear Phase Equaliser Plug-ins [Mac OS X & Windows XP]
PSP's new linear phase equaliser plug-ins offer mastering quality at a project-studio price.

Quested VS2108
Near/Midfield Active Monitor Speakers
Big or small, Roger Quested's monitor designs always deliver the goods. His VS2108 actives are no exception.

Sample CDs
Mini Reviews
• Loopmasters Disco House Sessions• Synthogy Ivory Italian Grand• Ueberschall Hip Hop Underground• Bela D Media Anthology Volume 1: Celtic Wind

Sony Vegas 7
Multitrack Audio & Video Editing Software [Windows]
If your needs tend more towards looping and video editing than MIDI, Sony's distinctive multitrack recording package could be just what you're looking for.

Tascam GVI
VST Instrument/Stand-alone Soft Sampler for PC
Giga Virtual Instrument gives you Tascam's Giga sampling engine as a plug-in for the first time.

TL Audio Fat Man
Valve Processors
TL Audio's latest additions to their popular Fat Man range are more versatile than their names suggest.

To USB Or Not To USB?
Rode-MXL-SE: three-way USB Microphone Shootout
We discuss the merits of mics featuring a USB port and compare recent arrivals from Rode, MXL and SE.

WIN Line 6 Variax & Gearbox bundle worth £1077
Sound Advice

CLASSIC TRACKS: Depeche Mode's 'People Are People'
Released: 1984 • Producers: Depeche Mode, Daniel Miller, Gareth Jones • Engineer: Gareth Jones
'People Are People' perfectly combined Depeche Mode's love of pop music and experimentalism, and gave them their first US hit single.

Ken Freeman & The Birth Of String Synthesis
Ken Freeman couldn't afford a Mellotron to play his string parts, so he invented a new kind of electronic instrument. But though the world would eventually embrace string synthesizers with a passion, he never got the credit he deserved.

Martin Rushent: from Punk to Electro
Martin Rushent managed the rare double feat of working at the artistic cutting edge and having colossal success — until disaster struck.

Readers' Music Reviewed
SOS editorial staff audition your demos and offer their opinions...

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Phil Tan
Inside Track
Phil Tan, one of the leading mix engineers specialising in urban music, dissects his mixes for two worldwide hit singles from Rihanna: the apty-named 'SOS' and 'Unfaithful'.

Sounding Off
Paul Farrer
Look beyond the limelight...

The Buying Game
Paul White's Leader
Editor In Chief explains why offering definitive advice to readers' queries is... well, difficult at times.

Tori Amos
Inside her Martian Engineering Studio
Over the last decade, some extraordinary music has emerged from Tori Amos's Martian Engineering studio. A new box set collects together the highlights, while the studio itself is soon to open to paying customers.

Designing Synth Pads in Cubase
Cubase Notes & Technique
Creating your own synth patches is one way to add a unique element to your music projects. This month we look at how you can get started designing your own pad sounds using the VST Instruments supplied with Cubase.

Digital Interfacing
Connections And Clocking For Digital Audio
Getting the jitters about your digital clocking? Don't know your AES from your EBU? Then read on.

Exploring Audiosnap in Sonar 6
Sonar Notes & Technique
One of the biggest new additions in Sonar 6, Audiosnap, is a powerful time-stretching audio toolkit promising better-quality stretching and enhanced controllability. This month we'll explain the basics of using the new tools, following up next month with some real-world applications.

Integrating MIDI Hardware with Ableton Live
Ableton Live Notes & Technique
This month, we look at how to connect, control and record hardware MIDI instruments using Live.

Mix Rescue
Remixing 'Leaf'
This month we beef up drums and bass, polish guitars and vocals, and give choruses a lift, as the Belgian band Leaf get the Mix Rescue treatment.

Mix Rescue: Leaf
AUDIO EXAMPLES are here for newsstand readers
This month we beef up drums and bass, polish guitars and vocals, and give choruses a lift, as the Belgian band Leaf get the Mix Rescue treatment.

Pitch Correction with Logic
Logic Notes & Technique
Automatic tuning is synonymous with many things, good and bad. We take a look at Logic's Pitch Correction tool and then examine what Auto-Tune can add.

Running Windows on Intel Macs
Apple Notes
We take another look at running Windows on Intel Macs and consider how Apple's latest acquisition will affect their professional video and audio software.

Specifying & Building A Dual-core Desktop PC
PC Musician
If you haven't yet taken the dual-core plunge, there's an alternative to either buying an off-the-shelf mainstream model that may not be quite right for music or paying a premium for a custom-assembled music PC: choose the components and build your own.

Studio SOS
David Crane
Would you let two strange men drill holes in your house? USA-based SOS reader David Crane took the risk! Enough to let Paul and Hugh at his walls with a drill to solve his cabling issues...

Using Fades & Crossfades in Pro Tools
Pro Tools Notes & Technique
If you edit audio in Pro Tools, you need to know about fades and crossfades. As well as being vital editing tools, they can also be used in surprisingly creative ways...

Using Intel Mac Audio Hardware with Digital Performer 5
Digital Performer Notes & technique
We update you on changes to new Macs' built-in audio hardware, then take a look at how Bundles can help users of older and current Macs alike to easily reconfigure their audio I/O.

Using Reason Live
Part 3: Live Looping With Dr:Rex
This month we look at a Combinator building project that allows you to mix and manipulate loops on the fly.

Windows Vista - should you upgrade or wait?
PC Notes
After a long wait, the new Windows Vista OS is actually on the horizon — so should we all be rushing to upgrade?
Music Business

Big George's Big Mouth
Music Industry comment
This month Big George examines the cut of the music industry's new clothes...

VA - Pure Spirit of Meditation

CD 01. Tropical Rainforest Paradise
CD 02. Celestial Egyptian Oasis
CD 03. Ancient Monks Retreat

Descripcion tomada de israbox.com:

Angelworks, the practical approach to wellbeing releases the next luxurious 3cd release in this phenomenal new series. Three separate ‘Retreats’ of award-winning music cleverly interwoven with the purest of natural sounds in a gift box.Luxury meditation that really works!Life & stress management for the contemporary soul, Pure Spirit Of Meditation is the next essential tool for everyday life maintenance.
Created with genuine integrity by Bee Storey for Angelworks ,Pure Spirit Of Meditation is both a practical and very stylish tool for vital mind body & soul recharge. Simply make a choice dependent on mood ofthe moment between the TROPICAL RAINFOREST PARADISE,the CELESTIAL EGYPTIAN OASIS or the ANCIENT MONKS RETREAT.
Choosing all three will create a deep & sublime 3-hour luxury spa meditation.Specially crafted award-winning music to act on resonance,Pure Spirit Of Meditation is 3 stunningly evocative journeys to three beautifully stirring places.
Including basic Meditation Tips inside the box and avery special Free Angelpower wristband,Pure Spirit Of Meditation is not only essential listening but theultimate in self-indlugent, feel good five star pampering.And it works!

El Trip Hop y Massive Attack

Trip Hop (también conocido como El Sonido de Bristol-“Bristol Sound”- o Bristol acid rap) es un término creado por la revista inglesa Mixmag, para describir el trabajo de DJ Shadow, que daba al oyente la impresión de estar en un viaje. Posteriormente, la descripción de Trip Hop fue aplicada a una corriente musical de mediados de los años 1990.

Trip Hop es música electrónica downtempo que salió de la escena británica de hip hop y house. Se caracteriza por el uso de breakbeats, pero a una velocidad lenta (entre 60 y 120 bpm) en comparación con otros tipos de música que emplean este recurso; siendo una combinación de hip hop, reggae, soul, jazz y música electrónica downtempo. Proviene de Bristol (Ciudad portuaria de la costa oeste de Inglaterra); y se hizo famoso con artistas como Massive Attack, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, Tricky y otros grupos un poco más orientados hacia el rock, como Ruby, el Californiano DJ Shadow y el británico Howie B. Morcheeba y Glideascope se asocian a menudo con este sonido.

El sonido característico de este estilo se puede ver en la canción de Massive Attack “Unfinished Sympathy” del album "Blue Lines", uno de los temas más destacados de los últimos tiempos, de acuerdo a distintas encuestas de MTV2, NME y otras revistas y críticos.
Puedes descargar el album completo Blue Lines (1991) AQUI

Mas detalles en nuestra edicion de Julio-Septiembre de 2007

VA - Secrets of Zen

01. Miyagi - Kyoto Garden
02. Yoshi-San - Saru
03. Dakini Mandarava - The Flow
04. Shamindra - Stilling Of The Waters
05. Gifuto-Chekku - Yasui06. Miyagi - Jange Sekiang Morning
07. Sato - Koritsu
08. Mandrave & Miyagi - Asian Lights
09. Tiger Tanaka - Aki
10. Dakini Mandarava - Ching (Sexual Energy)1
1. Shamindra - Breath Of Life
12. Miyagi - Mantra Rhythm
13. Ringo Orenji - Mikan
14. Booby Tamari - Tokyo Silence
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Fashion TV: Uomo

01. Dual Sessions Feat. Dew - Don t You Baby
02. Golden Dreams - Deep Over
03. No.oN - Over and Over0
4. Rever Sound - Dance For Me
05. Astrovoid - Ocean Jewel
06. Karen Souza - Wild Horses
07. G-Spliff - Not Afraid
08. Sao Vicente - Ishtar
09. Lalann - Jazz Boutique
10. Sound Behaviour - Metzo
11. Tripssono - G3
12. Dual Sessions - Fly Me To The Moon
13. (plus) Comfort - Deep Breath
14. Slowdown - Eternal Game

Descargalo (y si te gusta COMPRALO)
Si te gusta esta produccion visita la pagina de FASHION TV ON LINE http://www.ftv.com/

Música do Bem

Sabemos poco sobre quien es su administrador (suponemos que se llama Bem), pero el Blog " Musica do Bem" (esta en portugués y muy probable que sea de Brasil) es uno de los mejores blog que hacen este tipo de entrada.

En él puedes encontrar albumes completos de cualquier tipo de musica, predominando la musica brasileña y electrónica en general. Su creador solo se dedica a colocar links y reseñas musicales, no muestra interes por el aspecto visual del blog. Lo mejor de este sitio es la depuracion en cuanto a la calidad de los interpretes que son publicados. Lo triste es que no usa etiquetas para clasificar las entradas por lo que si buscas algo en especifico se te dificultará, o tendras que limiarte a la opcion de busqueda en la barra NAV.
Bem, es bien abierto a sugerencias y comentarios, si necesitas algo solo le escribes a su correo: musicadobem@gmail.com

Visitalo y no te arrepentirás: http://musicadobem.blogspot.com/

VA - Erotic Lounge (Deluxe Edition)

CD 1

01. Boozoo Bajou - Second to None
02. Thievery Corporation, Emiliana Torrini - Until the Morning
03. Malia, Erik Truffaz - Yellow Daffodils
04. Morcheeba - Slow Down
05. Pat Appelton, De-Phazz - Anchorless06. J.P. Juice - Fukai
07. Mes Yeux Fermés
08. Afterlife - Breather (Eric Kupper Mix)
09. The Dining Rooms - Dreamy Smiles
10. Ive Mendes - Nao Vou Fugir
11. Roberto Sanchez - Another Chance (Afterlife Mix)
12. White
13. Alex Gopher - Quiet Storm
14. Get Back to Serenity (Beach Mix)
15. Blank & Jones - Beyond Time (Ambient Edit)

CD 2
01. Tosca - Fuck Dub
02. Marcus Begg, Trüby Trio - Lover Uncovered
03. Emo - First Time Experiences
04. Fused - Twisted (Reprise)
05. Randy Crawford - Give Me the Night (Chill Night Mix)
06. The Maxwell Implosion - Tic Tac (Jet Sound Remix)
07. Dope Control
08. Smith & Mighty - Maybe It's Me
09. Look Around
10. Echo Parcours
11. Nicola Conte, - Fica Mal Com Deus
12. S-Tone Inc. - In the Mood for Love
13. Megablast - Love Is Always There
14. Gonna Be (Ben Human Remix)
15. Shazz - Fallin' in Love
Nuevos Links:

VA - Destination Lounge: Las Vegas

CD 1
01. Tosca - Chocolate Elvis
02. Llorca - The End
03. Zeb - From The Distance
04. Petalpusher - Breakin' It Down
05. Bob Sinclar - Darlin'
06. Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine - Baby Got Back
07. Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On
08. Georg Levin - When I'm With You
09. Soul Central - In-Ten-City
10. Lemongrass - Revolving Door
11. Druw & Perez Feat. Don-E - Bonafide (Mood II Swing Mix)
12. Chris Lum - Your Mine
CD 2
01. Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down
02. DJ Dan & Hatrias Feat. Mandy J - Love For The Weekend (JJ Flores & Steve Smooth Remix)
03. Joey Mazzola & Mike Balance - Getting Heated
04. Who's Who - Not So Dirty (Steve Angello Mix)
05. Juanatik - Magnegtika (Donald Glaude's Jaegger Bomb Remix)
06. Groove Man - Bangin' The Electro
07. Nick Terranova - Electro Fuck
08. Starkillers - Discoteka
09. DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta - Tonight (Starkillers NY Edit)
10. Scooter And Lavelle Feat. Erin Walker - Feelin' Devine
11. Ellee Ven - Underneath My Pillow (Scooter And Lavelle Vs. Scotty Boy Remix)
12. David Garcia Feat. Jay Walker - Too Good (Morgan Page Remix)

Espejos de Descarga:

Piet Blank - The Lounge

01. Sade - Bullet proof soul
02. Carmen Cuesta - Shape of my Heart
03. Air - Il secondo giorno
04. Air - The way you look tonight
05. The Cure - All cats are grey
06. Madonna - I want you
07. 808 State - Pacific state
08. Lol Hammond - Cloud watch
09. Graham Massey - Moonlight sonata
10. Lol Hammond - Baby piano
11. Pete Tong & Chris Cox - Ku da ta
12. Moroccan Blonde - Mirage
13. Beta Band - Troubles
14. Lucienne Boyer - Parlez moi dAmour
15. Reflekt - Need to feel loved (Horizontal mix)

10 de febrero de 2007

Sacred Spirit, Vol. 9: Bluesy Chill Out

Review from higheroctave records:
Ultra-hip, cutting edge Euro electronic flavors create a uniquely modern twist on a classic American musical art form on Bluesy Chill Out. This album is the ninth in a series of best selling groove and heavy ambience Sacred Spirit theme recordings masterminded by German-born studio wizard The Brave and released in the U.S. by Higher Octave Music. Sacred Spirit highlights over the past decade include Indigo Spirit, platinum selling Sacred Spirit I, Grammy nominated (Best New Age Album) Sacred Spirit II, Moroccan Spirit and most recently, Classical Spirit. The Brave’s goal in creating Bluesy Chill Out was to offer a fresh perspective on the blues, thereby, as he says, “dragging it out of the ghetto” of the past and into the present. He collaborates with fellow Ibiza island resident Dave “BK” Jeffs, a Northern Ireland native and former street musician who plays regularly at a local club named Teatro Perera. Each track was created organically, with Jeffs (who also sings and plays flute and harmonica) composing exciting improvisational slide and steel guitar riffs as a foundation for The Brave to build his trademark synthesis upon. “I wanted to create a contemporary recording which would draw on classic blues traditions but combine them with the Sacred Spirit tradition of chill out groove and ambience,” he says. “Dave lives on the island and I’ve known him for years as a member of Eric Harmsen’s band that performs at the club Teatro Perera. He’s a great blues guitarist and harmonica player. The fun part of these recordings is working with new people I haven’t collaborated with before. I invited Dave to lay down lines, riffs, melodies, whatever he came up with that connected to the blues. He’s had this amazing life that perfectly reflects that of the great bluesmen.
Download songs (right button-save as):
01. Driftin' (6.1M)

VA - Parisian Cafe

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1. Royksopp – Sombre Detune
2. The Herbaliser – Song for Mary
3. Ashley Dee – Messin’ Up
4. Saint Rue – City to City
5. Oscar Ramirez – A Manha de Novembro
6. Urban Knights – Urban Nights (Rue Dub)
7. CirculosIL – Sole
8. Vinyl Matters – Just Us (Lounge Mix)
9. Tam Tam – 20/20 (Jazz Note Mix)
10. Loop Star – Rouge Noir (Beat Drop)
11. Killmass – Go Dexter (Parisian Mix)
12. Superhero – Live at Last (Dub)
13. The Trojans – Going Out (Karma Mix)

Disc: 2
1. Guy Chambers & Sophie Hunter – Chere Isis
2. Cutless Quartet – The Next Step (One More Step)
3. The Parisian Collective – Groove Down (Noir Mix)
4. Stone – Heroes (Stone cold Mix)
5. Audio K – Colours
6. Ashyia – Mothers Dream
7. Moshi – Sambiassomo (Sushi Mix)
8. PSG – Unforgettable Love
9. Family – Break It Off (Paris Beat Mix)
10. Tanvil Kandaar – The Poem
11. Cheb Barouc – Bliss12. Aqua 4 – Swallow Drive
13. Jukes III – 6am Opera (Lounge Mix)

Try this password: www.rapidturk.com

GU - After Hours 3

Product description from gu.com :Global Underground's Afterhours series has become synonymous with post clubbing after parties.Pete Tong hailed the last one as his Essential CD and Afterhours has found favour with every type of music fan.This is the music you put on after the night out, when you don't want to listen to cheesy café del Ibiza or best of chill out series 28.It's the twisted & straight, dark & light, nice & nasty sound that juxtaposes music from every genre. 1977 legendary disco track Cerrone "Supernature" sits alongside Norwegian techno from Lindstrom; 1985 electro track Charlie Spacer Woman sounds as fresh as newer productions from Kevin Swain.Music from the last 30 years from the likes of Gus Gus, Ewan Pearson, CinematicOrchestra, Mark Knight, Tosca, Morgan Geist and Nightmares On Wax.'Afterhours 3' will also be released as 4CD unmixed set for CD-DJs and music collectors, in addition to two 4-track 12" EPs for the purists, and kicks of what looks set to be one of the biggest years yet for the global Underground brand.

CD1 Organic
1. The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite
2. L Pierre - Rotspots From The Crap Map
3. Boozoo Bajou - Keep Going Feat. Tony Joe White
4. Kraak & Smaak - Keep On Searching.
5. Outlines - Listen To The Drums (Clignancourt Edit)
6. Mike Monday - Zum Zum
7. Nightmares On Wax - African Pirates (Jd73 Remix)
8. Tosca - Superrob (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
9. Fauna Flash - Question (Stereotyp's Booty Call Remix)
10. Stereotyp - Do Dirt.
11. Sinner Dc - Born To Be Mild
12. Killing Joke - Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Dub Mix)
13. Morgan Geist - Skyblue Pink
14. Dark Globe - Atoms (Flight Delay Dub)
15. Innersphere - Out Of Body
16. Cass - Custom Made
17. The Last Atlant - Twin Of The Sun
18. Andrew K - No Hay Banda

CD2 Electronic
1. Carl Craig - A Wonderful Life
2. Radioactiveman - Uranium
3. Kevin Swain - Try 4 Love
4. Charlie - Space Woman / Dilemma - In Spirit (Boom Boom Mix)
5. Cerrone - Supernature (Original 12? Mix)
6. Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)
7. Voltique - Wah Wah Wah
8. Solar - Shonky
9. Clubbervision - Blue Pills
10. Swoop - Superlicious
11. Zen-Kei - The Punisher (Original Mix)
12. Trafik - Dirty Word (**** Dub)
13. Kevin Swain - Come With Us
14. Ticon - In Stereo
15. Richard Dinsdale - Your Mind (Trafik Reprise Edit)
16. Motion 040 - Timmy?s Turn (Original Mix)
17. Gusgus - Moss
18. Seelenluft - Manila (Ewan Pearson Mix)
19. Cass & Mangan - I Gotta Thang (Uh Huh)

CD3 The Future - Unmixed
1. Pako & Frederik - Obscure Hobbies
2. Galea & Native - Dropped
3. Sissy - So Long (Kahuun Remix)
4. The Remote - Like You (Native Remix)
5. The Last Atlant - Reversed Cloud
6. Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn - The Rhythmshaker (Ambient Mix)
7. Christian Paduraru - Turning Up
8. Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson - Leftorium
9. Rachel Lamb - By Heart (Trafik?s No Fear Dub)

Password: lime
Download from Rapidshare!
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

VA - Om: Chilled

A warm, cozy soundtrack for the connoisseur of all things mellow, funky, and seductively down-tempo. A new collection dedicated to the relaxed side of life; the perfect aural getaway. Perfect for yoga, lounging, massage, the bedroom, and anywhere else your imagination can take you. Pair this with a nice burgundy, or a cool drink; escape and let the music set the tone. (product description from Amazon)
1. Stay Home And Chill - Headphonism
2. 20 Past Noon - Moves (1)
3. Left And Right - Jimpster
4. They Forgot It - Tarantulaz & Monique Bingham
5. Morning - Stolen Identity
6. Conflict Resolution - Youngman, Joey
7. Angel Love - James, Samantha
8. Breathe - Stafford, Crystal
9. Plankters Cove - Tamazyan, Gil
10. Black Thought - Tello, Michael
11. Guidance - Headphonism & Anna Meta
12. Slippage - Land Shark
13. So Butterfly - Bassnectar
14. It Was All Beautiful - Beltran, John
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Part 1 - Part 2

9 de febrero de 2007

Liquid Mind VIII - Sleep

01. Night Light
02. Moment of Grace
03. Journey to peace
04. Breath in me
05. Adagio for sleep
06. Touching calm

Stress at Work: Management and Prevention

Encontre esta joya de e-book para vencer el estres laboral (enemigo #1 del estilo Chill out)... Aunque la version es en ingles, espero que lo puedan disfrutar...


Work-related stress and resulting sickness absence costs the UK economy about £3.7 billion every year (HSE research). In this jargon-free guide, Jeremy Stranks explains what stress is and what causes it, how people respond to stress and cope with it, how stress can be evaluated and managed and what employers legal responsibilities are.

Written for managers, HR professionals and safety reps, the emphasis of this book is strongly on practical advice and solutions. The author provides simple tools to measure and assess stress and shows how to deal with a range of stress-creating workplace situations, such as bullying, harassment and violence at work. The book also details how to implement a stress management system that complies with the new HSE Management Standards to avoid civil claims and criminal sanctions by the enforcement agencies.

End of chapter key points draw out the implications of the preceding text for the employer and an executive summary shows the main aspects that senior management have to be aware of. In addition, the book contains forms and templates to help with managing stress. These are also available for download on the companion website.

Stress at Work will also be a valuable reference for students on the following courses as part of modules concerned with Human Factors: NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma courses, MSc courses in Occupational Health and Safety Management, IOSH Managing Safely, British Safety Council diploma and NVQ level 3 and 4 courses in Occupational Safety and Health.

Jeremy Stranks has 40 years of experience in occupational safety and health enforcement, management, consultancy and training.

He is a founding member of NEBOSH and has lectured on numerous training courses on all aspects of health and safety. His company Safety and Hygiene Consultants offers companies advice in drawing up Health and Safety policies, writing risk assessments and audit procedures.

* Jargon-free introduction to work-related stress issues, ideal for managers, HR professionals and safety reps

* Gives practical advice on how to implement a stress management system

* Helps employers avoid expensive court cases brought by employees or enforcement officers

V.A - Tokyo bossa nova lounge

01 - Kiyoko Itoh & The Happenings
02 - Ruriko Asaoka - Siam-Neko Wo Daite
03 - Akira Terao - Kaze Mo Nai Gogo No Samba
04 - Toi Et Moi - White Waves
05 - The Modern Playing Mate - Day By Day
06 - Mike Maki & Bibari Maeda - Nemuritainosa
07 - Kaori Kumi - Kami Ga Yureteiru
08 - Keisuke Egusa - Call Me
09 - Ryoko Moriyama - Ameagari No Samba
10 - Kazumi Yasui - Warui Kuse
11 - Kiyoshi Hasegawa - Tomeina Hitotoko
12 - Hiroshi Matsumoto - Agua De Beber
13 - Purple Shadows - The Joker
14 - Akira Terao - Anata No Kotoga
15 - Tami Masuda - Yattsu No Omoide
16 - Hiroshi Matsumoto - Meditation
17 - Kyoko Enami - Sayonara Mo Ienakute
18 - Hiroshi Kamayatsu Et Al - When We Were 20 Years Old
19 - Masami Kawahara - Mas Que Nada
20 - Kyoko Okada - Donnafuni
21 - Kyosen Ohashi - Koryamata Minasa Hyakumenso
23 - Ryoko Moriyama - Akogare Wa Tsubasa Ni Notte
24 - Keisuke Egusa - Summer Samba (So Nice)

Art of Chill 3 (mixed by System 7)

1 Shulman - First Came The Stars (Bluetech Remix) 8:08
2 Mirror System & Alex Paterson - Flex-e-fun 7:18
3 Jam'n - Ghayange, Nachenge 4:47
4 Manasseh - Tabla Corner Special 5:25
5 Slack Baba - Tsenstak (Dreamtime Mix) 6:48
6 Tosca - Every Day & Every Night 6:07
7 Mirror System & Ucef - Hilal 6:22
8 I:Cube - Le Dub 5:39
9 Dolphin Boy - Shake It Loose 3:32
10 System 7 - Borobudur (The Art Of Chill Mix) 6:17
11 Ujang Suryana - Sorban Palid 5:33

1 Tosca - Rondo Acapricio 6:04
2 Pitch in Black - Lost in Translation (International 4:51Observer meets Horace Remix)
3 Gaudi - Sufani 5:30
4 Mirror System - Mirror Beach (Iron Sands Rerub by 7:32Pitch Black)
5 Manasseh - Lil Nu Ting 5:37
6 Gaudi & Tripswitch - Subdown 6:42
7 Puff Dragon - Skin As Soft As Moonlight (Soft As Silk 7:55Remix)
8 System7 - Kupuri 8:20
9 O Yuki Conjugate - Sunchemical 5:49
10 Vector Lovers - Empty Building, Falling Rain 4:36
11 Bluetech - Misaki 7:18

Organizate desde tu Escritorio

Para que tengas tu agenda de actividades y reuniones chillout al alcance de un clic, te recomiendo instalar este novedoso calendario que se carga sobre el desktop de tu computadora...

Descárgalo AQUI

Hot House Ibiza 2006

Puedes descargarlo AQUI

Belkin TuneStudio para iPod

El Belkin TuneStudio es un mezclador de cuatro canales que permite grabar directamente en un iPod 5G cuatro instrumentos distintos (o cuatro fuentes de sonido) con una calidad de 16bits. Una vez grabada la sesión, puede reproducirlo instantáneamente.

Se trata de un equipo compacto, portátil y duradero, perfecto para llevar de un lado a otro y no dejar que la inspiración nos pille desprevenidos. Su uso además, dice el fabricante es muy sencillo. Belkin TuneStudio es un nuevo mezclador de cuatro canales de audio diseñado para los iPod de quinta generación que permite conectar hasta cuatro instrumentos musicales o fuentes externas para grabar el sonido directamente en el iPod, para una reproducción inmediata. Belkin TuneStudio es un dispositivo que puede ser utilizado por los podcasters como estudio de grabación, dado que los artistas pueden conectar instrumentos y micrófonos al TuneStudio y grabar directamente al iPod.

TuneStudio también actúa como una tarjeta de sonido externa USB, permitiendo que los usuarios puedan introducir audio desde un Mac o un PC y dar salida al audio tanto a un Mac como a un PC desde cualquiera de las entradas o salidas de sonido del dispositivo.

Registra el sonido con una calidad de 16 bit a 44kHz, cuenta con ecualizador de tres bandas, control de nivel y panorama en cada canal. Las entradas de tipo XLR con alimentación fantasma (Phantom) para micrófonos de condensador ofrecen, hasta 60 dB de ganancia, a la vez que un compresor estéreo eleva la percepción de la dinámica de la grabación para sacar el máximo partido de las posibilidades de grabación del iPod.

TuneStudio se presentó en la Macworld Expo y el Consumer Electronics Show. TuneStudio saldrá a la venta en Norteamérica durante el verano a un precio de 179.99 dólares, el lanzamiento en Asia, Europa y Australia se hará posteriormente y en Chile estará disponible para fines de marzo de 2007.

Tomado de: noticiasdot.com

City Lounge: New York-London-Paris-Berlin

Esta coleccion de cuatro (4) discos compactos de puro lounge es el primer volumen de una serie de colecciones que fue publicada en el 2005 bajo el sello francés Wagram Records. Cada disco hace honor a cada una de las principales ciudades del mundo que menciona en su título.

En el se recoje la musica de varios artistas consegrados en el genero: Terranova, Jah Wobble, Mr. Scruff, Thievery Corporation, Boozoo Bajou, Jazznova y muchos otros musicos.

Disc: 1
1. Impressed - Sporto Kantes
2. Indigo Blues - Llorca
3. Why Should I Cry - Avia
4. Alabama Blues [Todd Edwards Vocal Mix]
5. Adore - I:Cube
6. Weeping Willow - Sebastien Schuller
7. London in the Rain - Variety Lab
8. Lady - The Mighty Bop
9. Pour Faire le Portrait d'Un Diseau - Stéphane Pompougnac
10. Our Dance - Charlotte Savary, Wax Tailor
11. Connected - Château Flight,
12. No Communication No Love (Devasting) - Charles Schillings
13. Come With Me - Alexkid
14. Châteaurouge
15. Round About Midnight - Chet Baker, Gotan Project

Disc: 2
1. Bohemian Sunset - Jazzanova
2. Cut the Jazz - De-Phazz
3. Chosen - Beanfield,
4. Quiet Night [Nicola Conte "Out of the Cool" Version]
5. Go Go - Trüby Trio
6. See the Sun - Les Gammas
7. Grounded - Terranova
8. Soulpower [Jazzanova's Straight Dub Mix]
9. (I Got) Somebody New - Georg Levin
10. Still in Time - David Friedman, Micatone
11. Under My Sens! - Boozoo Bajou
12. Superworld - Mo' Horizons
13. You Can Do - Losoul
14. Beau Mot Plage - Isolée
15. Speed of Light - Alphawezen

Disc: 3
1. Drink to Moving On
2. Elvis - Alpha
3. All That You Give - Fontella Bass, Cinematic Orchestra,
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes - The Herbaliser, Seaming To
5. In the Black of Night - Slow Train Soul
6. Café de Flore - Doctor Rockit
7. Playground Games - TM Juke, Alice Russell
8. Get a Move On - Mr. Scruff
9. Lavish [Deadbeats Remix] - Mark Rae, Veba
10. Gold of the Sun - Wendy Stubbs, Temple of Sound, Jah Wobble
11. Girl Who Fell Through the Ice - Aim of Conrad, Kate Rogers
12. You're My Favourite Music - Niko
13. Sunday Driver
14. Take Your Time Change Your Mind - Alice Russell
15. Witness Dub - Roots Manuva

Disc: 4
1. Transcendence - Thievery Corporation
2. Take Me Higher - Fertile Ground
3. Searching - Roy Ayers
4. Superstar - King Britt, Ivana Santilli
5. 7 - M.A.D., Ursula Rucker
6. Think Twice - Jay Dee
7. Sensuality - Vikter Duplaix
8. Think Twice - The Detroit Experiment
9. New York City [DJ Strobe Brooklyn Vibe Mix] - Norah Jones, Peter Malik Group
10. Love of da Game - Baby Blak, Jazzy Jeff,
11. B Boy Anthem [Instrumental] - Dobie
12. Little Soul - Pete Rock
13. Music in Me (Come Alive) - DJ Spinna, Shaun Escoffery
14. Feels Like - Siji
15. Travelin'

Si quieres escucharlos puedes descargarlo de los siguientes vinculos (no olvides comprarlo):
Puedes escuchar las versiones cortas AQUI

InkaTerra de Miki Gonzalez

En el cd Café Inkaterra de música chill-out andina, las mezclas han sido realizadas por Miki Gonzáles usando música andina y amazónica con excelentes resultados.

El Artista

Miki Gonzalez. Nacido en España, pero tempranamente vino al Perú donde reside actualmente. Tuvo una preparación musical académica, pero siempre gustó de la música afroperuana.

A fines de los setentas comienza a experimentar con el blues y la música tradicional de la costa peruana de raíces africanas, conocida como música afroperuana o simplemente "afro". En la década de los ochenta, decide comenzar una carrera profesional en la música popular y forma una banda; muchos de sus integrantes luego se harían populares en la escena rockera peruana tiempo después (como "Pelo" Madueño, que formaría La Liga del Sueño). Miki Gonzales tomaría un rumbo que oscilaba entre el new wave y la música propiamente peruana. Su punto cumbre en popularidad llegaría con canciones como "Akundún" (etno-rock de fusión afro-peruana) y "Hoja verde" (etno-rock de fusión andina, en alusión al consumo tradicional de la hoja de coca). Sus primeros éxitos, como "Lola" y "Vamos a Tocache", también son inmensamente populares.

En cuanto al tema "Hoja Verde", éste fue vetado injustamente por la cadena MTV (en español) por considerar que hacia apología del consumo de cocaína. Difusor de los ritmos negros del Perú con la familia Ballumbrosio (músicos afroperuanos), ha rescatado el uso del cajón peruano para producir música internacional. Ha estudiado la música afroperuana y andina desde los años 70.

Actualmente se ha dedicado a la música electrónica, fusionándola con ritmos andinos. Producto de esta fase son sus tres últimos álbumes: "Cafe Inkaterra" (2004), "Etnotronics: Apu Sesions" (2005) e "Iskay: Inka Beats" (2006).

Si deseas puedes descargarlo a traves del siguiente blogg hermano: http://theunknownfiles.blogspot.com/2006/05/miki-gonzalez-cafe-inkaterra-2004.html


De los co-fundadores de la formación ya sólo queda La Mari, vocalista del grupo, que se ha hecho rodear de nuevos músicos para continuar con Chambao. Actualmente, La Mari, recuperada de un cáncer, ha participado en el álbum de Ricky Martin MTV Unplugged cantando a dúo con él "Tu Recuerdo".
Chambao se fundó en 2001 en la Noche de San Juan - noche del solsticio de verano - adoptando el nombre que se le da a las estructuras temporales o permanentes erguidas en la playa para protegerse del sol. Al año la banda publicó su primer álbum, una compilación de versiones y canciones propias de flamenco, cuyas texturas se solapan con calmados ritmos electrónicos.

La música del álbum Flamenco Chill fue percibida como incursión en un nuevo género, considerándose el “flamenco chill” como una creación de Chambao. Aunque la electrónica suene con más sutileza en las grabaciones siguientes de 2003 y 2005, Endorfinas en la Mente y Pokito a Poko respectivamente, muchas canciones siguen siendo transportadas por ritmos chill out con típicos ecos de trip hop y drum & bass.

Al definir su propia música la banda no solo fue osada y original, sino que se distinguió entre otras de la misma generación que también utilizaron la fusión de flamenco con diferentes estilos, como Ojos de Brujo, cuyas canciones emplearon el dub e hip hop, más que la electrónica.

Las canciones originales de la banda celebran persistentemente la cultura de playa. Combinada con el acento y la escala flamenca de la cantante La Mari, le prestan al grupo un sabor tangiblemente Andaluz.

La influencia de estos elementos sobre la impresión general probablemente es mejor transmitida en el sitio Web de la banda: “la definición de su propia música no entra en conflicto con su espíritu de naturaleza libre y su necesidad de hacer crecer y evolucionar su propio estilo y lenguaje musical, que tiene gusto a sal y acarrea los sonidos de las costas oceánicas”.

Ciertamente el chill del flamenco chill tiene otra nota: Las canciones originales de la banda celebran persistentemente la cultura de playa. Combinada con el acento y la escala flamenca de la cantante La Mari, le prestan al grupo un sabor tangiblemente Andaluz. Como la lírica de otros músicos contemporáneos, incluyendo a Manu Chao y Macaco, la de Chambao frecuentemente trata de la mar. Además en cada publicación aparecen versiones imaginativas de otras grandezas del flamenco, como el trabajo inolvidable sobre Volando Voy, cantado en su momento por el gran Camaron.


"Flamenco Chill" (2002) (varios artistas).
"Endorfinas en la mente" (2003)
"Pokito a poko" (2005)
"Caminando 2001-2006" (2006)

7 de febrero de 2007

Mr. Oneil’s Café... It’s all about House Music

Mr. Oneil’s Café... It’s all about House Music, es una serie de actividades que serán realizadas en el acogedor ambiente de OM Lounge los días 10 y 23 de febrero y 10 y 31 marzo del 2007. En las mismas Mr. Oneil se hará acompañar de los artistas locales Dj Babyfunk y Dj Lean Vargas.

Conoce al artista en 809k

Jose Padilla: El padre espiritual del Chill Out

Quienes han seguido la musica Chill Out desde sus inicios saben que decir que Jose Padilla es el "Padre espiritual del Chill Out" es solo un diminuto reconocimiento a lo que el artista ha hecho por este estilo musical.

Nació en España en 1955. Su padre fue obrero de construcción y su abuelo se ganaba la vida tocando guitarra: una familia humilde proveniente del sur que emigró a Gerona.

Trabajó como camarero en el barrio gótico de Barcelona, en donde tuvo sus primeros contactos con los platos. Sus inicios como DJ en los años 70 se ubican en las discotecas de Costa Brava, un barrio deprimido del norte de España…

Para 1975 se traslada a la isla de Ibiza donde comienza trabajar en la discoteca “Es paradís”. Años más tarde tuvo la oportunidad de abrir su propio negocio “Museum”, pero el mismo se fue a la quiebra cuando su socio se quitó la vida.

Para sobrevivir los años siguiente, alquiló un puesto en el mercado hippie de Ibiza en donde vendía los casettes con sus remezclas. Estos cassettes comenzaron a ser tocados en Café del Mar teniendo muy buena aceptación con la clientela del lugar. Es así como los dueños de Café del Mar en 1991 deciden contratarlo como DJ.

Padilla es el precursor del “balearic beats”, una especie de mezcla musical de moda en Inglaterra, pero su mayor logro es que se le considera el Padre del Chill Out, a través de sus series de discos compilatorios de este ritmo bajo su residencia en Café Del Mar en Ibiza.

Padilla ha explorado toda mezcla de música, desde el jazz, el flamenco, bossa nova (ritmo que lo cautivó desde joven), ritmos latinos y otros más… Sus fusiones muestran el espíritu de un artista que no se impone límites culturales ni musicales, un artista realmente libre…

Su álbum en solitario y debut “Souvenir” (1998), se considera una joya del chill out. Su segundo álbum “Navigator” (2001) es un reflejo del espíritu explorador y aventurero de Padilla al momento de sumergirse en la música, lo que lo llevó en el 2002 a sacar una versión especial del mismo.

Es así como el DJ de los años 70 se convirtió en un DJ de primera fila. Su cuarto trabajo en solitario “Bella Música” (2004), trae consigo un torrente de emociones que Padilla ha logrado capturar “mágicamente” en un pomo musical.

También produjo el disco de la banda sonora de la película “El Sueño de Ibiza” (2002).

5 de febrero de 2007

Haz tus propias mezclas con PCDJ FX 7 VRM


PCDJ FX offers an array of new features that will enhance your DJ skills to a new level. FX comes with a brand new recordcase design, full screen interface, changeable skins and easy visible one-button features that give the user the power to control the music, and the dance floor. With VRM technology PCDJ will offer incredible versatility and advanced features for now, and the future.If you are a professional DJ looking for a feature rich product that gives you the flexibility and power to turn you performance into a professional experience then, PCDJ FX is for you. Exceed all your limits and redefine your role as a DJ. PCDJ FX will change the way you DJ and your appearance to your public, forever.


The Advanced recordcase PCDJ FX has a brand new recordcase that is easy and reliable to use to completely organize your music. With the new recordcase you can now drag'n'drop, resize fields, re-order fields, remove fields, fast sort and search, easy playlist building and changeable fonts and colors for personalization. The new recordcase has been developed with the input of 1000's of DJ's worldwide to provide the features you need.

Master Tempo

Allows the DJ to change the tempo of a song without changing key. Now you can speed up, or slow down your slow songs without distorting the pitch of the song. Speed up a song and make a remix without sounding like the chip monks!


FX also lets you record your mix with the easy record button. Record your mix set to WMA or MP3 at variable recording qualities. The record VRM can be set and removed while recording making it easy to load and mix songs.

Reverse Play

Spin your MP3 into reverse with the one touch reverse button. This can be applied to a song or just a loop giving you the ability to create and remix.

Sample and Loop

PCDJ FX comes with one button sample and looping. Create a loop from 1/16th to 64 beats. Unclick and let the track resume normal play position. You can also create your own loop by selection a loop in and out point.

Turntable Break

Hit the break slider and slow your track down like you stopped the turntable. Slide it back up for the slow start up effect!


FX has four cool effects to apply to your sound files. Add Echo, Chorus, Flange, and Reverb, each with four definable parameters. These parameters are controlled via four vertical sliders on each side.

The MixerT

he PCDJ FX Mixer is designed both for those who don't have an external mixer and even for those who do. This mixer section has many features including Cross-fading, Player Volume Control, Main/Cue Volume Control, Cue Mix Control, Parametric 3-Band EQ Killer, and Adjustable Compressor.

Loop Editor

The new Loop Editor Module, which combines, unique loop creation, fine cue-point editing with test and correct BPM functionality. Together, this makes BPM matching certain and exporting perfect loops easier than ever.


PCDJ FX will let the user copy music from CD to MP3, WMA and WAV formats and at definable qualities. The DB feature will populate the track names making it easy and fast to build your music collection.

DAC-2 and DAC-3 Compatible

Link up the DAC-2 or DAC-3 for ultimate hands on music control. The DAC-2 or DAC-3 hardware control device will link to your PC by USB port and gives the user a hard interface to control the software and the music. This completes the solution for the working DJ.

* Master tempo

* Master key

* 1 button looping on the fly

* Loop in loop out

* 3 band eq with kills per player

* Reverse play

* 4 FX per player

* Loop editor

* Compressor

* Drag and drop recordcase with re-sizable fields, re-orderable fields,and removable fields

* Multiple waitlist support

* Cueing within a fraction of a millisecond

* 26 cue positions per track, and up to 20 loops

* Mix now button

* One button beat matching

Password: www.Magesy.com