5 de febrero de 2007

Haz tus propias mezclas con PCDJ FX 7 VRM


PCDJ FX offers an array of new features that will enhance your DJ skills to a new level. FX comes with a brand new recordcase design, full screen interface, changeable skins and easy visible one-button features that give the user the power to control the music, and the dance floor. With VRM technology PCDJ will offer incredible versatility and advanced features for now, and the future.If you are a professional DJ looking for a feature rich product that gives you the flexibility and power to turn you performance into a professional experience then, PCDJ FX is for you. Exceed all your limits and redefine your role as a DJ. PCDJ FX will change the way you DJ and your appearance to your public, forever.


The Advanced recordcase PCDJ FX has a brand new recordcase that is easy and reliable to use to completely organize your music. With the new recordcase you can now drag'n'drop, resize fields, re-order fields, remove fields, fast sort and search, easy playlist building and changeable fonts and colors for personalization. The new recordcase has been developed with the input of 1000's of DJ's worldwide to provide the features you need.

Master Tempo

Allows the DJ to change the tempo of a song without changing key. Now you can speed up, or slow down your slow songs without distorting the pitch of the song. Speed up a song and make a remix without sounding like the chip monks!


FX also lets you record your mix with the easy record button. Record your mix set to WMA or MP3 at variable recording qualities. The record VRM can be set and removed while recording making it easy to load and mix songs.

Reverse Play

Spin your MP3 into reverse with the one touch reverse button. This can be applied to a song or just a loop giving you the ability to create and remix.

Sample and Loop

PCDJ FX comes with one button sample and looping. Create a loop from 1/16th to 64 beats. Unclick and let the track resume normal play position. You can also create your own loop by selection a loop in and out point.

Turntable Break

Hit the break slider and slow your track down like you stopped the turntable. Slide it back up for the slow start up effect!


FX has four cool effects to apply to your sound files. Add Echo, Chorus, Flange, and Reverb, each with four definable parameters. These parameters are controlled via four vertical sliders on each side.

The MixerT

he PCDJ FX Mixer is designed both for those who don't have an external mixer and even for those who do. This mixer section has many features including Cross-fading, Player Volume Control, Main/Cue Volume Control, Cue Mix Control, Parametric 3-Band EQ Killer, and Adjustable Compressor.

Loop Editor

The new Loop Editor Module, which combines, unique loop creation, fine cue-point editing with test and correct BPM functionality. Together, this makes BPM matching certain and exporting perfect loops easier than ever.


PCDJ FX will let the user copy music from CD to MP3, WMA and WAV formats and at definable qualities. The DB feature will populate the track names making it easy and fast to build your music collection.

DAC-2 and DAC-3 Compatible

Link up the DAC-2 or DAC-3 for ultimate hands on music control. The DAC-2 or DAC-3 hardware control device will link to your PC by USB port and gives the user a hard interface to control the software and the music. This completes the solution for the working DJ.

* Master tempo

* Master key

* 1 button looping on the fly

* Loop in loop out

* 3 band eq with kills per player

* Reverse play

* 4 FX per player

* Loop editor

* Compressor

* Drag and drop recordcase with re-sizable fields, re-orderable fields,and removable fields

* Multiple waitlist support

* Cueing within a fraction of a millisecond

* 26 cue positions per track, and up to 20 loops

* Mix now button

* One button beat matching

Password: www.Magesy.com

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